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Chinease biggest Alumina production enterprises---Chiping XinFa Alumina LTD. The annual output of 2 million tons. Jingjin help them to solve the red mud dewatering problem , first step is to withdraw iron from the red mud by using 50 sets of 2000 x2000mm filter press and then lower the cake moisture of the red mud . After first filtrate the cake moisture is 35-40%, and after the second filtrate , cake moisture will be 20-25%. We have cooperated for many years and will strengthen cooperation in the near future.

Bailonggang sewage treatment plant is located in Shanghai pudong heqing town ChaoYang Village, Shanghai municipal sewage disposal is an important part of the second phase, all upgrade project completed and put into operation in September 2008, with 2 million m3 / d treatment capacity, which is Asia's largest sewage treatment works, also it is one of the world's largest wastewater treatment plant, processing power accounted for about a third of Shanghai urban sewage treatment capacity. It can handle up to 1.72 million cubic meters of water every day, supplying service for population of 3.56 million within 271.7 square kilometers area . Whitewater port area of strong growth makes the daily wastewater treatment capacity must be double that of 2.1 million cubic meters. Jingjin provide the integrated solution for this project.

Shandong Sun Paper Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1982. The company is a listed company devoted to papermaking and wood-pulp-paper. From 2011, Jingjin has provided papermaking wastewater solution for Shandong Sun Paper. The solution included agitating, filter press, belt conveyor, etc. After processed by Jingjin filter press, the moisture content of papermaking wastewater can be reduced to 40%. The lowest moisture content of papermaking industry Jingjin can achieve is 30%.

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Jingjin is devoted into providing valuable product and superior services for our user. The applied industry for filter press include: chemical industry, dye, fossil oil, ceramics, pharmacy, sugar industry, food industry, starch, maltose, painting, metallurgy and any industry for wastewater treatment. No matter whether you have used filter press before or not, we can provide turn-key project – send professional personnel to make field visit in order to meet your requirement, and customize project alternatives suitable for you.