Accessory equipment

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Technical features:

1、Simple mechanism

2、Stable operation and low failure rate

3、Uninterrupted sedimentation process

4、Applicable to existing sedimentation basin

5、Independent operation

DT Ⅱ type fixed belt conveyor is a versatile

product, It’s a kind of continuous converying

equipment that uses cotton canvas, nylon, polyester canvas and steel wire core belts as traction components. It can be widely used in coal,

metallurgy, mining, ports, chemical industry, light

industry, oil and machinery industries, conveying

all types of bulk materials and complete articles.

Belt conveyor has many advantages such as

large conveying volume, adjustable speed, high

climbing ability, low operating costs and easy

maintenance, thus facilitating automatic control

Main technical parameters

Belt width:500mm-1400mm

Belt strength:cotton canvas belt 56N/mm/ layer;

Nylon,PET woven belt 100~300N/mm/layer;

Steel cord belt: st630~st2000N/mm

Belt speed:0.8 1.0 1.25 1.6 2.0 2.5 3.15 4.0 5.0 m/s

Max conveying ability:4130m3/h

Jingjin vertical type cake breaker is mainly composed of main frame, breaking blade, device for

feeding and discharging materials, centralized oil

supply and lubrication system, etc. It has been widely

used in municipal engineering, paper making, printing and dyeing, chemical, coal and other industries.

Breakers of this series possess many advantages

such as large crushing ratio, few requirements for

moisture of materials and so on.

Main technical parameters of vertical type cake breaker

Diameter of breaking roller (mm): 975、1050

Particle size of discharged materials (mm): 10、30

Particle size of fed materials (mm): 500

Capacity (t/h): 15、30、50

Motor power (kW): 30、55、90

Toothed disc cake breaker is applicable to materials with lower hardness. The particle

size of discharged materials ranges from 40 to 100 mm. It has been widely used in food,

chemical, printing and dyeing, paper making, municipal engineering and coal industries, etc.

Main technical parameters of toothed disc cake breaker

Diameter of breaking roller (mm): 615、630、800

Particle size of discharged materials (mm): 40、60、100

Moisture of fed materials: 60%

Particle size of fed materials (mm): 500

Scope of application:

industrial water, raw water, cooling water, recycled water, car wash water, cleaning water, fish farming water, aquarium water and swimming pool water treatment.


Excellent filtered water quality and high filtering precision (<5μ).

Backwashing water is only 1/3 of conventional sand filter, because

of which an numerous amount of water rate can be saved yearly.

Filtering water pressure is 1/4 of conventional sand filter, because

of which 75% power expense can be saved yearly.

Easy to operate and no maintenance is needed.

High filtering water volume and less land space.

Don’t use chlorine, prevent the harmless to body health.

JING JIN automatic dissolving, dispensing and dosing machine consists of feeder, dissolving tank, dilution tank, reservoir tank, return pump, dosing measuring pump, control system and base, etc. The machine will operate automatically only after the solid powdery raw material is fed into aggregate bin manually. Adding of dry powder of the machine can be completed automatically or manually. Then, the dry power is diluted with water and stirred evenly in dissolving tank, conveyed to the dilution tank for stirring, delivered to storage tank for storage from dilution tank and pumped to pipes in proportion by the dosing pump, reached the dosing requirement.

The automatic integrated dosing machine is characterized by followings:

1、Stable performance, high solution tank volume

and low energy consumption.

2、Nice  appearance,  compact  structure  and  small

floor coverage.

3、Easy  operation,  simple  maintenance  and  high

working efficiency.

4.Adding of acid and alkali solution, and other solutions in chemical industry and textile printing.

Agitators are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food,

mining, paper, paint, metallurgy, waste water treatment and other

industries, suitable for agitating operation with liquid phase as the

focus to achieve multiphase mixing including liquid – liquid, liquid –

solid, gas – liquid and gas – liquid – solid and heat transfer, mass

transfer and chemical reaction. In this agitating test-bed, different

trough types have been adopted to match with agitators. Through

the observation test of actual flow filed of fluid agitating and data

test and collection, we have optimize the design and developed

new practical propeller type in order to achieve the best effect of

agitating with minimal power consumption under the full working


Designing process of Jingjin agitator

  1. Inputting parameters required for the design.
  2. Determining preliminary design
  3. Using advanced CFD computational fluid dynamics simulation software to

simulate the operation of the design scheme to optimize the design

  1. Conducting relevant material mixing tests to verify the design if necessary.
  2. Determining the final optimal design

6. Organize the production based on the final design

Centrifuge is the mature and reliable product developed by Jingjin by introducing international advanced technologies and combining with actual site and working conditions at home and abroad. Its key components and power

transmission system adopt imported configuration, effectively ensuring excellent quality of the product. After making

a comparison of Jingjin centrifuge and similar foreign products of first-class brand by putting them into use in Xieqiao

Mine of Huainan Mining Bureau and Huaibei Coal Washery of Huaibei Mining Bureau, it has been found that each

technological indicator of Jingjin centrifuge is higher than international advanced level in terms of amplitude, noise, capacity of single machine, heat generating coefficient and other key indicators.

Technical Data Of “Jingjin” Centrifuge


Production capacity: 250t/h

Material moisture after treatment:5.5%–9.5%

Particle size of fed materials:0.2mm–50mm

Moisture of fed materials:18%–25%

The exact data depend on the composition proportions of particle size of fed materials

Vibrating motor: 2 units 7KW X 2 (Made in Italy)

Main motor power: 45KW (SIEMENS made)

Hydraulic oil pump motor: 0.75KW (SIEMENS made)

Such alternatives as CL1200-2IM and CL1500-2IM can be selected



slurry treatment system for oil


u style mixer