Technical advantages of Jingjin filter press

Spiral extruded sludge thickener is one of the main equipment for sewage treatment. It has a wide range of application and can be used for sludge within the range of 0.2%~2%, and the concentration of sludge can reach more than 5% after thickening. Jingjin spiral extruded sludge thickener is suitable for municipal sewage, tap water, industrial wastewater, food, beverage, chemical industry, petroleum, printing and dyeing, paper making and other industries.

Technical parameters:

Main features:

1. Small occupation, saving space: compared with traditional ones, our company’s spiral extruded sludge thickener adopts combined assembly type, which is easy for installation and saves space.

2. Save rinse water: spiral extruded sludge dehydrator is equipped with moving ring, and the moving and static rings overlap each other during operation. The moving ring that moves in a circular motion driven by spiral shaft has the function of automatically cleaning the filter slit. Therefore, the rings can be cleaned up with minimal water consumption. The water consumption of spiral extruded sludge thickener is less than one percent of that of other thickening equipment.

3. Simple operation and maintenance: spiral extruded sludge thickener can achieve 24 hours unattenuated operation through a variety of sensors. In the event of a malfunction, it will automatically give an alarm and shut down.

4. Suitable for sludge thickening of low concentration: spiral extrusion sludge thickener can be used for sludge within the range of 0.2%~2%. The concentration of the thickened sludge can reach more than 5%


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