Technical advantages of Jingjin filter press
Technical advantages of Jingjin filter press

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Applicable Industries:

Manufacturing Plant, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, Printing Shops, Energy & Mining, Chemicals, dyes, petroleum, ceramics, pharmaceutical, sugar, food, starch, paint, coal, metallurgy and various industries of sewage treatment.



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Shandong , China

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According to the size


According to the size


According to the size





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Online support, Engineers available to service machinery overseas. We have after –sale service technician more than 100 people. Can guide installation all over the world.


Chamber and Membrane Filter Press


Solid-liquid Separation


Automatice Filter Press


Carbon Steel/Stainless steel


Sludge Treatment/Liquid and solid separation

Product name:

Hydraulic Press Machine Automatic Chamber and Membrane Filter Press


Automatic feeding, automatic plate shifting , automatic cake discharge, automatic cloth washing

Filter area:


Plate size:

250mm,470mm, 500, 720mm, 800mm, 900, 1000mm, 1250mm, 1500, 1600, 1500×2000,2000×2000, 2.5×2.5m

Supply Ability

Supply Ability:

10000 Set/Sets per Year

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Seaworthy package for filter press



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Quantity(Sets)1 – 1>1
Est. Time(days)30To be negotiated


  1. The material of Jingjin frame is Q345B, which tensile strength is 1.4 times of Q235, it makes Jingjin filter press can be operate more safe and stable.
  2. The oil cylinder seat, pressing plate and thrust plate are formed by carbon dioxide protection welding.
  3. The main beam of Jingjin filter press is designed by adopting welded box construction, and manufactured by making use of submerged arc auto welding technology.
  4. All the spare parts that need painted are dealed with high speed centrifugal ball blast descaling and iron scale. After painting MIO epoxy build primer, paint acrylic polyurethane coating directly to make it have the best adhesion. It can save hundreds tons of putty every year, thus not only reduce the cost, but also protect the environment. More important, it improves the adhesion of the paint and antisepsis class of the filter press.

II、 Hydraulic station

To improve the antisepsis ability of hydraulic oil tank, electrical cabinet and protection parts, our company establishes an automatic producing line integrated with acid-washing, phosphating and plastic-coating

In order to improve the of cleanness of hydraulic system and minimize the failure rate, our company bought 2 sets Shanghai “Shengqi” brand full auto ultrasonic high pressure cleaners. The processed hydraulic valve parts will be put in the cleaner and after ultrasonic high pressure water cleaning, to eliminate the influence of the metal to the hydraulic system, thus improve the stability of the equipment.

  1. The seal ring of oil cylinder adopts the products of the international first-class brand, not only improves the pressure holding performance of oil cylinder, but also ensures that the sealings can be used at least for five years without replacement.
  2. Hydraulic cylinder is made by 27SIMn seamless steel pipe. Their precision can be up to level of IT7 after process of rough inner machining, refined machining and pressurized rolling
  3. Pistons are made by steel #45, the matrix surface hardness of piston rod can be up to HRC48-50,which can increase the using life of  piston rod at least 5 years, with feature of high hardness, anti-wearing and long life-span etc.

III、Filter cloth

1.Jingjin invests 11 million to establish the most advanced solid-liquid separation test center, and buy more than 30 sets test

equipments. Use small filter press to imitate filtration process at site, to select the filter press and develop filtration techniques of new industries.

2. Multidimensional laser cutting machine not only reduces the labor intensity, improve work efficiency, but also make the filter cloth cropping size more precise.

IV、electrical control system

The control part adopts system design concept, and adds auto running and check function. According to the actual working conditions, the control part has three working states for operators to use easily, that is, manual working state when installation and debugging ; auto working state when auto running, and maintenance working state when the equipment is checked. To prevent error, every movable part has action interlocking function to protect when running automatically. The touch screen use HITECH Chinese and English liquid crystal display, it can input the process parameters at site and it’s easy to adjust process control process, with manual and automatic switching device. After auto check and diagnosis of the system, the system will always check whether the executive components is in normal state, if there is any exception, it will alarm on the display screen, to ensure the safe and reliable running of the filter press. PLC core control parts adopt products of Siemens and reserve DCS remote interface; thus realized remote monitoring and operation.

The functions can include: auto pressing and releasing, auto high pressure unloading, auto pressure holding, auto feeding, auto squeezing and discharging, auto blowing, auto cake discharge, auto plate shifting and taking, pause ,and the full course of close and open of drip tray.  It can be controlled both manually and automatically, also can add infrared light curtain protection program according to requirements of clients.

V.Filter plate

Filtration plate is the key part of filter press. Different Material, shape of the plate will affect the quality directly.

Recessed filter plate 

1、Material of JINGJIN plate consists of TPE elastomer, fiber glass, and Polypropylene. So our plates have the advantage of flexibility, toughness, rigidity. After the process of the CNC machining center, the flatness of the filter plate is lower than 25µm which make sure excellent sealing when pressing, and without any leakage when feeding.

 2、All specifications of our plates not only comply with China JB/T4333.3-2005 standard, but also comply with Germany DIN7129 standard, completely in common with the European&Amerian products.

3、Compared with the filtration plates that manufactured according to national standards: the filtration speed improved 20%, density and intensity, anti-fatigue, anti-aging speed improved one times, which make its lifetime more than 10 years.

4、The maximum feeding pressure of the filter plate is 1.6Mpa. With the properties of high temperature and high pressure resistance, antisepsis and airtight, short filtering cycle, good processing effect and low humidity of the cake etc

Membrane filter plate:

1、Membrane plate is the important component of the filter press, and the product quality affects the production efficiency directly. Before 2002, the market of high-pressure pp membrane plate in China is all monopolized by two companies of Germany. In May 2002, JINGJIN developed high-pressure pp membrane plate successfully, and the technical index becomes the leadership of the same products abroad and obtains patent. Until the end of 2004, the market share of “JINGJIN” high-pressure pp membrane plate has been up to 80% in China. The products that possess their own intellectual property rights have been exported to 123 countries and areas such as America, Germany, Italy, France, Czechoslovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Croatia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Congo, Zimbabwe and Taiwan ,etc. Our company is the first manufacturer, distributor and service provider of the high-pressure pp membrane plate. In 2002, our company has obtained utility model patent with the patent number: ZL012783005.After the good using effect reflection of the customers at home and abroad, and the technical communication with the same industry abroad such as Germany Lenser company, JVK company, American PACNFC company, the products have been up to advanced level of the world. The squeezing pressure has been from the original 1.6Mpa to present 3.5Mpa, represent the highest level of the world. And the simulation test has been up to 60,000 times. According to our company’s design requirement, when the drumhead pressure is ≤3.5Mpa,that can ensure 60,000times without incandesce, and that when the temperature is up to 120,it doesn’t distort and the extensibility can be up to 800%.     

 2、The manufacture of the membrane plate consists of the fabrication of the main plate and the membrane. And that of the membrane is very important, it relates to the useful life of the membrane plate. The key to ensure the useful life and effect are lectotype and the process technology of the raw material. The raw material that we adopt is a new type that mingles with polypropylene and rubber and we adopt a new blending method. Thermoplastic elastomer TPE-GT98 is the new&special material (special material that produce membrane plate in America and North Europe companies) of our company that produce the membrane plate. According to our company’s advanced manufacture technique and testing method, the specification is: with anti-shifting intensity 56Mpa, and the extensibility 800%. The impact value of the simply supported beam gap is 69.6KJ/㎡,and that of the cantilever beam(25℃)is 98.3 KJ/㎡,also that of the cantilever beam(-20℃)is 13.2 KJ/㎡, the thermal endurance is up to 120℃,the bending strength is 46.2Mpa(the standard is 26Mpa) (see the testing report),bending deflection is 60,000 times without trace, and bending under 90℃ without incandesce. It is proved that this is the best high-quality material with the best intensity that can produce membrane in the world at present.

3、The raw material that used to produce the main membrane plate and the recessed plate is the special new material with the RA130-HP compounding. It is tested that anti-shifting intensity is 52Mpa (the standard is 26Mpa), the impact value of the simply supported beam gap is 63.3KJ/㎡(Chinese standard is 6.85KJ/㎡,and Germany standard is 9 KJ/㎡),and it doesn’t distort under the temperature of 120℃. All the data show that the quality of the main membrane plate and the recessed plate is fully matched with the bending deflection of the membrane, and the total quality is up to the design standard.

4、According to the different customers in different industries, Jingjin makes the cake thickness 20-50mm. Also we can choose the different cake thickness according to the industry so as to satisfy their need. For manufacture technique, we have advanced technique of hot embossing equipment. After the communication with foreign countries, we adopt the international most advanced full automatic injection molding technology. According to the design requirements, when we heat the mould to 180℃,we can ensure the physical property of the raw material and the technical index. The thermoplastic welding equipment of our company is very similar to that of Lenser Company. In the cavity test, the squeezing pressure is up to 3.0Mpa and the bending deflection is 60,000 times without incandesce (the species test of mould has been up to 600,000times without incandesce).On the aspect of machining, our equipment use CNC3190 machining center to process the filter plate. The processing precision has made the parallelism ≤0.157㎜ ,flatness 0.012/100㎜ ,and the thickness nominal size deviation ±0.20㎜,the processing precision is grade 5(the industry rule is grade 6). Because our equipment is the most advanced in the same industries abroad, so from external quality, sealing performance, and the precision to the useful life, they have all been ensured effectively.

5、There is also a key process of our company’s pp membrane filter plate——test methods and inspection procedure. Although our raw material is produced by North Europe and America, because of the different batch number and the different quality, and the physical variation after drench, the test methods can be divided into sample test, product squeezing pressure test and cavity test without any filler. By using the total test method , the pressure drop can’t beyond 2% in 10 minutes(the standard in Chinese same industry is 10%).Through 3 tests, the membrane doesn’t come away and tear, and through 5 tests of the samples: test whether the technical index of the raw material is up to the index of the equipment; and the working pressure test: performing test when beyond 2 times of the working pressure(the safety factor that our country prescribed is 1.25 times), airproof performance test: when the feeding pressure is beyond the original parameter 2 times, there is no leakage and distortion; and after 5 repeated tests that can ensure the stability of all the technical index, only that is the qualified product. Jingjin’s products with the best quality will make customers feel satisfactory in the world.

VI、Auto plate shifting system:

This is the latest technic developed by our company.This technic divides recessed companion plates and membrane plates into many groups, each group of filter plates are connected by specialized chains, and positioned by rail grooved pulley.when shift one group plates,it will draw away the other filtration plates of this group in order. This plate shifitng system uses driving motor to drive, which has large functions and it can check the current and running speed of the motor automatically, when shifting plates,the transducer will check overloading signal of the motor automatically, and through this signal to control the direction of plate shifting device,thus finish the process of plate shifting. Through PLC to design plate shifting program in advance, the running speed of plate shifting device can be adjusted at any time, this technic has the following advantages: reliable technic and low failure rate, and which reduces the complex reversing and power conversion, thus reduces the filure rate of hydraulic system and improves running reliability of the equipment. As for plate shifting time, the cake discharge timr can be regulated between 60-300s.

Plate pulling device and slide way are equipped with protection device, the chain box is with closed type which can make sure the cleanness and agility of pulling system.

VII、cloth washing device

1、This device is installed in the upper part of filter press, it’s made up of washing rail, washing frame, washing frame driving travel device, inlet pipe, towing chain, washing pipe, nozzles, washing pipe lifting device, reducing motors etc. It can finish cloth washing cooperate with of plate shifting device under the control of PLC.

2、  When it doesn’t work, the device is placed behind the pressing plate, and when it works, after discharging all cakes, pressing plate will compact and release all filter plates, then retreat to the required position. The plate shifting device will forward and enter into plate taking state under program control, and stop after taking the first plate. The washing device will stop after forwarding to the middle position of plate shifting space under the driving of reducing motors. Under spraying state, the washing pipes will downward and upward to finish cloth washing actions, at this time, the plate shifting device will shift the first plate to the pressing end, then retreat to take the second plate…., go round and round, until finish washing the last filter cloth.

VIII、Drip tray system:

The material of drip tray is stainless steel, it is installed under filter plates, and make up of liquid collecting tray, cranks, linkrod, driving oil cylinder and hydraulic station etc.

During filtration and cloth washing processes, the liquid collecting board is in closed liquid collecting state, the filtration leakage or cloth washing liquid falls on liquid collecting board  and enter liquid collecting trough, then discharged from pipes. After finish filtration process, the liquid collecting board will turn downwards and open under the drive of driving oil cylinder. At this moment, there is no block under filter plates, the filter press enters cake discharge state, and after finish discharging, the liquid collecting board will close under the function of driving oil cylinder, and back to liquid collecting state. The above actions can be operated manually or full automatically under the control of PL.


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