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Chinease biggest Alumina production enterprises---Chiping XinFa Alumina LTD.
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Shanghai Bailonggang sewage treatment plant, which is Asia's largest sewage treatment works, also it is one of the world's largest wastewater treatment plant,
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Shandong Sun Paper Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1982. The company is a listed company devoted to papermaking and wood-pulp-paper.
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Jingjin has provided coal concentrate filter press for Buertai coal mine. After processed by Jingjin filter press, the moisture content of filter cake of coal concentrate can be 24-25%, and the filter cake of tailings can be of 20% moisture content.

Why Choose Us ?

We Are The Biggest Supplier In The World

Jingjin has many professional and experienced senior engineers, and can provide professional liquid-solid separation solutions for our customers. We have 130 senior engineer, they have master theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Process engineer personnel of Jingjin has been to overseas for a long time, and be aware of customer’s production site. They provide on-site guidance for problems in the process of production for customer. The team of process engineer covers about 105. Jingjin provides a lot of learning opportunities at home and abroad. Engineer development team is the technology core of Jingjin, and they make efforts to provide more and more accurate liquid-solid solution for our customers.

Independent Research And Development

Jingjin after-sale team covers domestic and overseas parts. They are mainly responsible for after-sale filter press installation and commissioning. Domestic after-sale team covers 150, overseas are 135. Many of them not only know the installation technology, but also can communicate with customers with English. The overseas after-sale team covers mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and installation personnel. Based on customer’s order and time, we will arrange appropriate after-sale personnel to provide on-site guidance for our customers. Customers can have training about filter press operation and maintenance. So customers have no worry about filter press operation.

Advanced Manufacturing Processes

We have agents in more than 130 countries around the world. Any problems faced in the process of filter press operation, customer can directly contact our agents or Jingjin. We can immediately provide professional solutions for you based on your conditions. If on-site engineer is needed, we can arrange personnel for you at the earliest. What’s more, in order to strictly control the quality of the product, Jingjin almost produces all of components of filter press except electrical components and valves, motors. Even if little sealing, we will manufacture by ourselves.

Superior Service

Jingjin is the constitutor of standard of China filter press industry. Jingjin has close technical exchanges and cooperation with world top filter press suppliers, and we provide filter plate and cloth and other accessories for them. Jingjin participate in the international industry well-known technology exchange meeting every year. Customer’s feedback and trust provide us infinite innovation and development. Jingjin is always devoted to reducing customer’s cost and enhance productivity. Jingjin will always make better solutions and development in the future.


Lu Yi

Jingjin Group Vice President,

Foreign trade general manager, 18 years professional foreign trade experience. Lead team export filter press to 130+ countries. Email: [email protected] Contact number:0086-13792208600


Sales manager

6 years export experience,Timely reply to customers to find the best solution. Email: [email protected] Mob. : 0086-15864179686 What's up:008615864179686

Wendy Chen

Sales manager

10 years working experience,energetic and professional,quick response. Email: [email protected] Mob. : 0086-15969645793

Zhao Yang

Sales manager

conscientious and responsible for work, take customer as good friends. Email:[email protected] Contact number:0086-15853405023  


Sales manager

16 years working experience, supply best service and goods to all customers. Email: [email protected] Mob. : 0086-13405340037


Sales manager

15years professional experience in Filter press sales & service. Specialist grade.  Successfully completed  many big projects especially in Concentrate mine, Tailings, Waste water, Chemical, Pigment, Tunnel waste water, Aggregates industry, Sand washing, Food, Pharmacy, etc.  Your smile is my promise! Email:[email protected] Mob. :0086-18205347007


Sales manager

14 years rich export experience. Dealed with many important projects, can reply to clients very quickly and professionally. Email: [email protected] Mob. : 0086-15806815600

Sarah Wu

Sales manager

we would like to provide the best quality product and the most complete service for customer from customer benefit. Email: [email protected] Mob. : 0086-18865708810

Wu Shufen

Sales manager

13 years working experience, supply best service and goods to all customers. Email: [email protected] Mob. : 0086-13562499003

Zhang Dawei

Sales manager

5 years working experience with professional knowledge, design filter plate and other components. Email: [email protected] Mob. : 0086-15288897554

For 20 years, Jinjing have teamed up to 400+ global government and business,Jingjin filter press municipal services in 200+ production,clean water projects and so on.


10+ national agency

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Supply 100+ countries

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